What is Global Gaming Expo?

It is a show presented by the casino business experts and known as G2E as well. During this event, the exhibitors showcase their products, services, and technologies. They also create an avenue to purchase, sell, learn and get connected.

The AGA – American Gaming Association presents the Global Gaming Expo. It is considered to be the huge get-together of gaming experts across the globe. This event will be especially interesting for game-lovers and if you belong to them, you probably have heard about most of games that are provided on such websites as ValleyGames, which specialized on a wide range of online casino.

When Is G2E 2017 Held?

The AGA has planned to present G2E 2017 between 3rd and 5th Oct 2017 in Las Vegas. The registrations begin from 30th Sept 2017 and open until 2.30 PM on 5th Oct 2017 for the exhibitors. Attendees can register between 2nd and 5th Oct 2017.

What Is Offered In The Show?

  • More than 26,000 gaming professionals participate in the G2E and make many connections to expand their business.
  • Many new gaming products get introduced during the show. Several services and technologies, including casino design, security, skills-based gaming, iGaming, tournament solutions, table games, and slots will be exhibited. G2E act as a launch platform for more than 450 exhibitors.
  • G2E event provides appropriate education and promising business opportunities.
  • You can become completely compliant and study from the best-practice purchaser case-studies
  • Stay updated with the latest service, and product showcased at the event.
  • Offers thought-leading information through the widespread education program

Who Must Attend the Show?

Any of the gaming industry professionals from the tribal leaders to executives can attend G2E. If you work in any of the below-mentioned organizations, then you can attend the show.

  • Riverboat/Dockside Casinos
  • Bingo
  • Resorts
  • Lotteries
  • Pari-mutuels
  • Native American Casinos
  • iGaming
  • Commercial Casinos
  • Gaming Clubs
  • Cruise Ships
  • Racinos
  • Charitable Gaming

What Can You Gain From The Event G2E 2017?

G2E has taken more efforts this year and invited many experts to share their experience and encourage your innovative ideas. You can learn many things from the industry experts’ experiences.

  • Institute for Health and Human Potential – Bill Benjamin: Benjamin will give an insight into the ways brain responds under pressure. His 25 years business journey has given him the familiarity which he will share with the audience.
  • Generational Expert, Bridgeworks – Phil Gwoke: Gwoke, a generational expert will communicate about the generational divides.
  • EVP Velvet Chainsaw – Jeff Hurt: Hurt has acquired knowledge about transformation learning, strategic thinking, participation experience, digital events, conference design, association governance, and adult education. He will enlighten the crowd with his vast experience in training and engagement field.
  • McDonald Marketing Founder – Kelly McDonald: McDonald, a giant in the consumer trends, will leverage his customer experience.
  • SMART – Dee O’Neill: O’Neill has 15 years of practice in clinical neuroscience and research. Listening to her talk during G2E 2017 will maximize people’s cognitive potential. They have also planned to conduct a training program.

Steps Involved in Attending the Global Gaming Expo 2017

  • Register to the Global Gaming Expo G2E at the earliest.
  • After registration gets confirmed, plan your travel and book your tickets.
  • Then access G2E official mobile app and download to your phone. Signup and stay connected to your My Show account. Get the latest information
  • Reach the venue on time and collect your badge.
  • The venue address is 201 Sands Avenue – Las Vegas – NV – 89109-2617.


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